There is no doubt hemp is an amazing plant. With its capability to be converted into thousands of industrial and household products this plant will be essential for the upcoming green revolution. But even though hemp has the potential to change the world there is one major roadblock that the hemp industry is currently facing, the severe lack of processing and manufacturing facilities in the United States. An Image of Industrial Hemp being processed, seperating the fibers from hruds

At the moment there are a handful of industrial hemp processing facilities scattered throughout the United States, but they are not enough to fulfill the demand or supply of the hemp industry. To make matters worse, the profitability of a farmer growing hemp is greatly reduced when the processing facilities they must take their hemp to is more than 100 miles away. That means that not only are there too few processing facilities, the ones that exist are too far out of the farmers network to actually reap the full benefits of their hemp crop. This lack of processing infrastructure is the first major problem that the hemp industry as a whole must fix in order to truly have any chance to reach its full potential.

The second major problem is the lack of manufacturing for these hemp products. We all have been implanted this idea that hemp is a miracle plant that can be used to replace the world’s products. While this idea is not wrong, it is incomplete because the technology, knowledge and capabilities to make most of these products is simply not here.

This is where the real problem lies. The potential of industrial hemp is currently hidden beneath the major holes in the supply chain, the lack of research, lack of funds and lack of knowledge. These are the specific problems we wish to help with.

We at Hemp OZ fund are dedicated to filling in those major holes in the supply chain whether they be processing, manufacturing or any other kind. With backing from accredited investors and a team with decades of experience we will help create and fund hemp companies in order to create a strong foundation for the newly emerging industrial hemp industry. Together with our collective of hemp partners we will remake the world using hemp as it’s foundation.

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We are the Hemp OZ Fund, the first and only Industrial Hemp focused Opportunity Zone Fund in the world! A Tax Advantaged Private Equity Fund investing in sustainable manufacturing.  Sustainable manufacturing is the creation of manufactured products through economically-sound processes that minimize negative environmental impacts while conserving energy and natural resources. Sustainable manufacturing also enhances […]